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Twisted Sin News
Updated 09/08/2012

The GMs (Carol & Connie) have decided to list Twisted Sin as a leveling guild due to recent changes in Level 50 members, real life issues, and time constraints.  The guild will continue to be a friendly, safe place for our toons to level to 50 & get experience running Expert Dungeons.  If there are enough properly geared peeps, we may even be able to run a "T1" raid (Drowned Halls or Guilded Prophecy) now & then.

With this change in guild focus, we have moved our raid-ready toons (Kaylenne/Tawnya & Conrae/Healana) to another guild (Stoned Assassins).  Please feel free to 'friend' us so you can contact us if we are not logged into one of our Twisted Sin toons.

Remember, this is just a game & we're here to have fun!


Shard Transfer

Conrae a posted Jun 20, 12
Twisted Sin has transferred to Greybriar shard, a medium volume server.  Hope you all stay with the guild and transfer your toons!
Updated 09/08/2012

Perverse Soul :
Guild Mistress:  Carol (Charlisma, Caranne) and Connie (Skylarke, Muffyn). Guild Bank Permissions:  Unlimited.
Demented Soul:  Guild Officer:  Deedeerogue.  Guild Bank Permissions:   V1-no item limit, V2-no item limit.
Marauding Master:  Raid Leader.  Guild Bank Permissions:  V1-no item limit, V2-no item limit.
Marauding Soul:  Raider.  Guild Bank Permissions:  V1-5 item limit, V2-5 item limit.
Twisted Soul:  Guild member for >30days. Guild Bank rights Permissions:  V1-5 stacks,  V2-5 stacks.
Lost Soul: Members who have been missing in action for 60 days or more. Guild Bank Permissions:  V1-deposit only, V2-no permissions. Removed from guild at 90 days.
Corrupt Soul: Our newest members (under 30 days).  Guild Bank Permissions: V1-5 stacks, V2-1 stack.
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